Monday, March 29, 2010

Hare Today, Goon Tomorrow

As most of you know, I am doing my student teaching to complete my degree and become an elementary school teacher. Each day we read a story to the children, so the students can:

A) Hear fluent reading being modeled
B) Cool down from P.E. class
C) Just enjoy a good book
Today when I went to pick a story, I chose this book:

Yes...there is a song that is the same thing. Basically, they just turned it into a book. It's too cute though. If you want the song, follow this link.



But then he finds some field mice and is bopping them on the head! 

Unfortunately for him, this does NOT make the Good Fairy Happy.

So...she gives him three chances. If he doesn't change his attitude, she's going to turn him into a GOON!

That doesn't stop Little Rabbit Foo Foo though...

Chance One: Wriggly Worms

Chance Two: Tigers

Chance Three: The Goblins

That was all it took to tick the Good Fairy off.
Pay close attention to the hilarious illustration in the next photo.
Doesn't it just crack you up that the Good Fairy is hangin from the tree by the umbrella just getting ready to smack him on the head.

Unfortunate things happen for Little Rabbit Foo Foo...

You might be surprised to know there is a moral to the story...

I hope you thought this was as funny as I did! It's a great story for kids. Mine at school absolutely adored it today. They find it funny, too!

I hope you enjoyed this post, especially if you are the teacher type. I'm hoping to start tapping into my teaching knowledge and ideas for future blog posts.


  1. Too cute! We'll have to get a copy of that for one day down the road.

  2. This is the only book I remember my mom reading/singing to me as a child. Just remembered it today, and it makes me smile. Hare today, goon tomorrow!